Determining Visitation with Noncustodial Parents & Grandparents

Courts in Colorado consider the best interests of the child when making decisions regarding child custody and visitation in divorce cases. The parent who is not awarded custody may be given visitation or parenting time with the child.

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Parental Visitation

The legal standard when awarding custody and visitation is the best interests of the child. How this translates to parenting time can vary widely, depending on the age of the children and the distance between the parents’ homes. When children are very young, it is still common for one parent to have primary custody and the other to be awarded visitation. Courts in Colorado are increasingly awarding equal parenting time, especially for older children.

Visitation schedules may include:

  • Every other weekend
  • A few weeks to a month in the summer
  • Equal division of holidays and vacations
  • A requirement that parents share in travel costs

The custody orders and visitation schedule awarded during a divorce may not be permanent. For example, parents with young children are often awarded shorter parenting time and the amount of time may increase as the child gets older. Relocations, schedule changes, and other issues may necessitate a modification of the agreement at some point in the future.

Grandparents’ Rights

The state of Colorado recognizes the right of grandparents to spend time with their grandchildren and the benefit for children of relationships with their grandparents. The state does allow for visitation rights. However, a Supreme Court decision has placed limits on what can be provided to grandparents and determined that states cannot limit the parent’s right to raise their children.

Because the law tends to be complex, it is important to seek advice from a qualified Denver attorney. At VanLandingham Law, we can assess your situation and determine your options for moving forward and seeking visitation rights.