Securing Fair Distribution of Assets

How property will be divided is one of the more difficult and contentious issues in a divorce. If the divorcing spouses cannot come to an agreement, the court will determine how property is divided. VanLandingham Law provides effective representation from an experienced lawyer.

We pay close attention to your needs and goals, making sure your property is divided in a fair and just way. Call now to get started. Laws change frequently and each situation is unique. For this reason, it is important to seek legal advice from a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. VanLandingham Law can ensure that you receive the appropriate portion of the property and assets that have been acquired during your marriage.

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Dividing Marital Property

In Colorado, marital property consists of the property, assets, and money that is acquired during the marriage. This does not include property that is owned only by one spouse or property acquired prior to a marriage.

It also does not include:

  • Property owned prior to marriage
  • Gifts
  • Inheritance left to one spouse
  • Property excluded by a legal agreement
  • Property acquired after a legal separation

The first step in the property division process is to determine which assets are considered marital property and what is separate property.

Equitable Distribution in Denver

Colorado uses equitable distribution for property division in divorces. This means that property is not automatically divided equally between spouses, but in a way that is fair and equitable.

For example, a spouse earning a higher income may receive a larger portion of the marital property. Our property division attorney in Denver can explain the law as it pertains to your unique situation and advocate for your best interests.