Guidance for Separation in Colorado

If you need economic independence or time to resolve disputes prior to filing for divorce, legal separation may be appropriate in your case. At VanLandingham Law, our Denver separation lawyer represents clients who are seeking an alternative to divorce.

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Benefits of Legal Separation in Denver Colorado

There are a variety of reasons that cause couples to consider legal separation over a divorce. Often, the couple may not be entirely sure they want to divorce and will enter into a separation agreement before filing for divorce. In other situations, there are financial reasons and other considerations that cause them to choose a legal separation over a divorce.

People may consider a legal separation to:

  • Maintain insurance and other benefits given only to spouses
  • Remain in alignment with their moral or religious beliefs
  • Allow parties to satisfy the ten-year marriage requirement for Social Security benefits
  • Give time to resolve financial, support, property division, or parenting issues

The residency requirements and grounds for legal separation are the same as for divorce in Colorado. There is a 90-day residency requirement before filing for separation. As with a divorce, the only grounds for legal separation in Colorado is an irrevocable breakdown of the marriage.

We Advocate on Your Behalf

Although legal separation is not as final as divorce, it is still a legally binding contract. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, these cases can become quite long-winded and complex. It is a good idea to have a Denver separation attorney to advocate on your behalf. Attorney Joseph VanLandingham takes the time to understand the particular needs of each client and provides compassionate, family-oriented advocacy.